Rental options to fit your needs.

Prepay for a multiple day rental.

Choosing A Rental Option

First Time Rental

First time users of BCS tillage equipment are likely to be concerned whether it will give them the bed preparation desired. This is a natural starting point and why we recommend starting with a single day rental. We will deliver the equipment and provide one hour of instruction on equipment usage and demonstrate bed preparation techniques. Users will then have the remainder of the day to assess the behaviour and functionality of both the rotary plow and power harrow. This will provide ample opportunity to assess which technique provides the most effective bed preparation. Users can then convert a 1 day rental to a longer term package by calling us before the end of the day and providing those days are available.

You can also have us do the work for you while you use your time for other tasks.

Rental Fees

BCS Tractor and Implements

Hourly - $25

Daily - $125

Prepaid 3 day rental - $300

First time renters - $50  (delivery of equipment and 1 hour training)

Optional - Growing Island Growers Operator - $15/hour

Home Garden Bed Preparation (includes operator) - flat rate of $75 for first hour and $50 for any additional hours.

Rental Process

1. Choose the rental package you prefer. Rental pickup is 7am and return by 5pm on last day of rental period.

2. Check the Bookings Calendar for availability of your prefered dates and adjust the dates accordingly.

3. Use our convienent Online Store to complete the payment process. Add details of booking dates to the Merchant Note area on the Checkout page.

OR for Invoicing

4. Call us 778-992-0050 or email us to confirm the booking dates.

5. We will send you an invoice.

6. Choose a payment option of online credit card, e-transfer or cash to finalize the booking.

7. You are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement.

Home Gardeners

Call us to arrange a date and time you want your garden tilled. You also have the option of using the Online Store or email us to recieve an invoice.