Some very helpful and informative websites.

There is a lot to explore here so enjoy.


I will share links to websites I have found to have important information for supporting small scale market growers. Research is a mandatory part of improving skills in any craft you undertake so this represents my research.

NOTE: I have limited time during the growing season to update this page so keep checking back for new links.

Books - this is a mandatory book to start with for everyone who wants to pursue market gardening as a commercial venture.  It offers a very clear overview of what is necessary to start the business. I find it fascinating that I only discovered this book last year and how closely it matches what we have been doing at Pattison Farms for some time.

Equipment - Earth Tools has been selling walk behind tractors since the 1970's and is all they do. They have the widest selection of attachments for both the BCS and Grillo models they sell. They also post lots of helpful information on their website to help you make the right choice. They ship all over North America and where I got my equipment. - this is a "must have" tool for all small scale growers. This was the single most important change to weed management we have made at Pattison Farms. Using the stale bedding process along with this tool has allowed use to grow carrots effectively. Unfortunately they have a limited supply so you MUST order in late December or early January to aviod disappointment. I am searching for other suppliers so if anyone knows of other suppliers, please email me with that info so I can add it. - the best wheel hoe on the market with an 18" blade that lets you do 24" - 30" pathways with a single up and back pass. This tool is fully adjustable for people of different heights and a steel wheel so no maintanence except sharpning the blade on occassion. - best designed broadfork I have found. Limited supply so order in the early winter.